Technical committee on June 7. 2012

SPOP next technical committee will be held at CIRAD, building 4, room 10, from 9am to 1pm.

We will have access to visio-conference facilities, with the following specifications:
 call RNIS: +33 467 617 594, (phone number in case of problem: +33 467 615 591)
 IP: -

The provisional agenda is as follows:
 1. Update on administrative points
 2. Update on recent activities (Laurène's mission, Ph.D. student at INRA, Benchmarking by Alain...)
 3. Organisation (objectives, deadlines, resource people...) of the internship of Alice Baudoin: 2 months of literature review on oil palm cropping systems in Sumatra => goal: to better delineate the field work for the 3D assessment and workshops
 4. Discussion on the webpage under-construction (esp. documents to be posted, restricted access...)
 5. Discussion on the communication about SPOP to local partners and steering committee (see attached concept note)
 6. Planning of activities and next steps

Published: 31/05/2012

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